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Balinese Beds

This isn’t Bali,but you’ll feel as if you were there.

When you get to the park, book your Bali bed at the ticket office and enjoy relaxation and comfort at Parque Warner Beach.


Before starting your Warner-style beach day, we have to cast off! Leave your things well protected in our lockers from €6.

Remember: your must leave a deposit of €5 which will be refunded when you return the key.

Rubber rings

We’ll lend you the rubber rings required for each of the attractions, at no extra cost, but remember that you can’t use them outside the indicated attractions. Each attraction has a specific kind of rubber ring or mat to be able to enjoy it.

Sun beds

Time to relax? A hundred sun beds are waiting for you, distributed throughout the whole Parque Warner Beach premises.

First Aid

If you feel unwell or have any kind of pain, we can help you at our first aid service located next to the BBQ Gran Kahuna Restaurant. Don’t hesitate to visit us if necessary.

Changing rooms

Parque Warner Beach has magnificent changing rooms with showers, rooms for changing your clothes and toilets.

VIP Zone

The exclusive Malibu Beach pier has a VIP zone, a distinguished area which will give your day extra luxury. Come and enjoy yourself!

Smoking Area

Smoking isn’t allowed at Parque Warner Beach. You can only smoke in the permitted area. We have 1 smoking area at your disposal.

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Visit our park in safety

Visit our park in safety

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