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Enjoy the tastiest burgers at Parque Warner Beach

Gran Kahuna is an expression linked to the ‘surfer’ culture -the name of the leader of a group of surfers in “Gidget”, a film from the end of the 1950s starring Sandra Dee and Cliff Robertson.

It’s also the name of this super restaurant at Parque Warner Beach: the favourite place of Pebbles and Bam-Bam, the kids in the  Flintstone family and their friends, the Marbles.

They go there in their Flintmobile when they want to recharge: they only have to leave their hammocks for a little while to try the delicious menu at the restaurant with specials of burgers, nuggets, rice, salads, potatoes…

And to continue you can recharge by drinking a delicious zero coffee ice-cream, iced drink, or a fantastic Sandy ice cream.   

In addition, Gran Kahuna is a restaurant suitable for celiacs. Ask the staff if this is the case for you or one of your companions. Come and enjoy this delicious restaurant at Parque Warner Beach!

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