The Joker: El Tubo de la Risa

Type of attraction
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 110
Maximum weight: 133-179 (per persona - in total for double rubber ring)
Challenge the Joker and try their latest invention falling through a giant funnel

The fearsome Joker has built their latest invention where all adventurers who dare to challenge him will end up falling through a giant funnel!

The Joker: El Tubo de la Risa is a water attraction by crime Clown himself: The Joker.

The strange laugh of The Joker will welcome you to this dark tube where the evil villain has prepared the worst traps to disorient you. Among them an exciting ending where you’ll have to fall through a giant funnel. Enjoy this original attraction and challenge The Joker if you dare!

Don’t miss the special effects of The Joker: El Tubo de la Risa, has light effects throughout the whole course and sound effects right at the exit.

We mustn’t forget the innovative funnel in which you’ll feel trapped by the evil Joker in a completely demonic environment.

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Visit our park in safety