Gift ticket for Parque Warner Beach

Looking for a gift that will impress? Let's go for it!

Parque Warner Beach gives you the chance to give tickets to that special person to enjoy a day on the water, it will be an unforgettable experience feeling the adrenaline of the most spectacular water attractions and relaxing on the beach.

Don't think about it, the most special gift of the summer is Parque Warner Beach.

  • End of the course
  • Birthday
  • Communion gift
  • Summer holidays





How to buy Gift Tickets for Parque Warner Beach

To get your tickets as a gift, all you have to do is make a normal purchase. You can decide which type of ticket best suits your special someone from the following products:

  • Full day ticket to Parque Warner Beach with a date selected during the purchase process.
  • Open date ticket, which can be used until the end of the season. This way the lucky person can choose the day. 

Once you have entered your personal details, activate the option "Yes, this purchase is a gift". A text box will appear where you can leave your dedication. Once you have made the payment, you will receive a pdf with the tickets without price. It's as simple as that!

Don't think twice, get your gift tickets for Parque Warner Beach!

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